Data Source: Rutgers University Vector Research Center
Fast Kills Adult Mosquitoes on Contact
ER-3 knocks down and kills adult mosquitoes and other flying insects like flies, fruit flies and gnats fast on contact. According to a study done by the Rutgers University Center for Vector Biology, 90% of the mosquitoes were knocked-down and 100% of the mosquitoes were killed by EcoRaider within in 30 minutes.
  • Direct spray test against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito
  • Observed 91.67% knockdown 30 min
  • Killed all existing mosquitoes on contact
  • Fast knock down and fast mortality without recovering
Data Source: Rutgers University Vector Research Center
Kills Larvae in Standing Water with Residual
ER-3, even diluted by 1000 folds, is “Effective enough to kill 100% of the larvae exposed for 24 hrs after the one-week post-treatment of water” and “Week 2 residue killed 93% of the tested larvae. The survived larvae, however, were dead within 48 hrs.” were killed by EcoRaider within in 30 minutes.
  • This indicates that one puff of spray into a water basin can keep controlling larvae for at least two weeks which will significantly reduce overall mosquito activity in the treated areas.
  • Larvicidal test against Aedes Aegypti‘s larve;
  • Larvae was released after water was treated and aged for 1-2
  • “Two week aged water containing 0.5% of EcoRaider killed 93%
Data Source: Rutgers University Vector Research Center
Barrier by Spatial Repellency against Mosquitoes from Entering Treated Area
Besides controlling mosquitoes and their larvae, EcoRaider also provides a barrier that creates a spatial repellency against common mosquito species. The studies have indicated that there was no mosquito landing or probing observed in the treated areas during the duration of exposure.
  • Spatial repellency study against Aedes Albopictus mosquitoes;
  • EcoRaider demonstrates significant spatial repelling activity;
  • Prevents mosquitoes from entering treated areas;
  • Shows similar repellency when compared to leading mosquito repellent products.
ER-3 Concentrate