Tick and Mosquito Issues in Connecticut? Marksman’s Ryan Roy Uses EcoRaider’s ER-3 for Green Pest Control

ANDOVER, Connecticut (Monday, November 16, 2020) – Ryan Roy has a history of delivering successful pesticide applications in his family tree. His father was an arborist, so Roy was around tree and insect servicing for much of his youth before starting his own pest control firm, Marksman LLC.

These days, Roy is a specialist in attacking mosquitoes and ticks throughout Connecticut – he offers services everywhere in the state Connecticut is very stringent when it comes to educating and licensing pest professionals. Roy has to hold two licenses – one for each pest.

In his state, consumers are quick to relate pesticides to “toxic” chemicals. So green products are not only important for Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), but they are also popular with their clients, as well.

“With a pesticide that really sounds like the word ‘poison’ to most people. They want the ticks and mosquitoes gone but they don’t want to douse their property in poison because they have children and pets. That’s why people use a green product, it doesn’t hurt anyone,” Roy said. Roy has used EcoRaider for both ticks and mosquitoes and as a green product, it provides the control that homeowners want but without negative toxicity issues. In addition, EcoRaider is industry tested so it is proven to deliver successful control.

“EcoRaider is effective,” Roy said. “You can absolutely find success using that product and it’s a product that doesn’t take a lot to control ticks and mosquitoes. I know customers are happy to know it is based on essential oils, so it’s got a natural medicinal feeling to it”.

“EcoRaider is the opposite of a pesticide. A pesticide is a poison and for pest control technicians to have something natural instead of poison is a huge selling aspect to your client.”

EcoRaider is every pest control practitioner’s must-have product for successful and minimum risk pest management jobs. In addition to ER-3, a triple-action formula for mosquito and general pest control, EcoRaider offers ER-22 and RTU, which provide effective control on bed bugs, roaches, ants, and for other perimeter treatment needs.

EcoRaider is a leading botanical 25b exempt product and can be used without restriction in almost all types of environments including sensitive ones.

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