The threat of bed bugs in public housing is a great one. With hundreds of public housing authorities throughout the country, each with an ever-changing group of low- or fixed-income residents, bed bugs are a problem that won’t be going away anytime soon.

For senior residents or those with health conditions, conventional pesticides are probably not a solution.

Besides, due to the repeated using of conventional pesticides, bed bugs have developed strong resistance and become “super bugs.” Administrators of housing facilities now rely on EcoRaider for its outstanding performance on bed bugs without the use of pesticides. EcoRaider is a botanical based, broad spectrum bio-insecticide that quickly kills bed bugs and other insects while being safe for use around children, pets, and seniors.

EcoRaider Bio-Insecticide has been proven the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 100% efficacy, even outperforming top conventional pesticides.

Uncompromising Performance

  •    Kill bed bugs by 100% efficacy.
  •    Fast kill all stages on contact.
  •    Best performance in killing eggs.
  •    Provides extended residual protection.
  •    Uncompromising on resistant bugs.

Ideas for Sensitive Environment

  •    Low odor & non-staining
  •    Green, eco-friendly & non-toxic
  •    Minimal environmental impact
  •    No warning signals & no restriction
  •    Can be applied on mattress directly

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“EcoRaider’s knockdown is superb. I started using it for bed bugs and noticed a huge difference. It’s really very impressive for bed bugs and I tried it for German cockroach treatments and have had excellent results too. In my opinion, its knock-down is about the quickest I have ever seen in over 35 years of actively doing pest control. That combined with its EPA-exempt label really made it a great product for us.”

Martha CarlsonOwner, Maritech Pest Services - currently serving The Brunswick Housing Authority (Brunswick, Georgia)

”A ‘green’ solution seems to be the best defense. I found EcoRaider as we had been doing a ton of research on
natural bed bug solutions. We’ve been studying what works and what doesn’t work. I would suggest trying

Mark KaltenbachFacilities Manager, Helena Housing Authority (Helena, Montana)

“We tried EcoRaider and it worked really well. We tried that once and we’ve been using it ever since. And in a senior living complex, it’s really important to have a green or natural product. It’s also especially important because many of them have pets. I’ve heard that bed bugs are becoming tolerant of chemical treatments so a green product is very useful.”

Denise SoldenskiExecutive Director, Lapeer Housing Commission (Lapeer, Michigan)

“Being able to have a green product is very important. The big reason is because of health issues. We decided to try EcoRaider out and it’s really done a great job for us. We’ve been using it for at least a year now and it’s great for bed bug control. We’ve continued using it because it really gives us peace of mind.”

Esperone HugginsHousing Manager, The Housing Authority of Cheraw (Cheraw, South Carolina)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EcoRaider for use only around adults?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

Does the unit need to be vacated before treating?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

How should EcoRaider be applied?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

Can EcoRaider be used on mattresses?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

How long does one application last?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.


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