Hotels are very transient environments – with guests coming and going, literally on a daily basis, the opportunity for a bed bug infestation is always there. All it takes is one female bed bug to be introduced to a hotel room and then the infestation begins. With housekeeping, the bed bugs can travel from room to room with eggs being spread throughout the hotel.

Having firm bed bug control before and after an infestation is vital. Before an infestation, using a proactive product to help prevent the problem in the first place not only limits the potential for a bed bug problem but it also limits the negative damage that comes along with your guest having bed bugs. So a proactive, handy solution is important.

EcoRaider Bio-Insecticide is the top green, natural bed bug solution for hotels, resorts and cruise lines. Unlike conventional pesticides that interrupt service of the room, the use of EcoRaider can be discreet and more importantly, effective.

EcoRaider has high-efficacy, extended protection and is non-staining… making it ideal for hotels and hospitality industry.

Uncompromising Performance

  •    Kill bed bugs by 100% efficacy.
  •    Fast kill all stages on contact.
  •    Best performance in killing eggs.
  •    Provides extended residual protection.
  •    Uncompromising on resistant bugs.

Lodging Management Friendly

  •    Low odor & non-staining
  •    Green, eco-friendly & non-toxic
  •    Can spray on almost all furniture
  •    Can be applied on mattress directly
  •    Easy to use by staff or house-keeping
  •    For both eradication and prevention

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“I am in the hospitality industry and have used this product for bed bug scares over and over and over. It’s the only product I trust and it gets the job done right, every time.”

Rahul PatelGeneral Manager, Comfort Inn West, Little Rock, AR

“We decided we wanted to use EcoRaider as a preventative measure so we regularly spray it throughout the rooms and property and it’s been our way to prevent having a bed bug outbreak. With other processes and chemicals, they require you to close a room for a number of days after treating for bed bugs so it would definitely be a negative and have a negative impact on our revenue, with EcoRaider we don’t have to take the room and close it down for a few days.”

Brian Scheinblum General Manager, Majestic Hotel, Fl

“In this day and age being able to have anything that’s natural that you can call ‘Green’ to use to fight bed bugs is a tremendous positive for all hotels. The last thing any guest wants to know is that chemicals were just used in the area where they will be sleeping – so being able to say that literally no chemicals are used on your mattress or box spring that’s a huge positive. ”

General Manager, Hotel in Wind City, Il

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EcoRaider for use only around adults?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

Does the unit need to be vacated before treating?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

How should EcoRaider be applied?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

Can EcoRaider be used on mattresses?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

How long does one application last?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.


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