ER-3 by EcoRaider® Insect Killer Concentrate

ER-3 by EcoRaider is a plant based bio-insecticide concentrate with a breakthrough triple-action formula combining adulticidal, larvicidal and spatial repellency in one single product.

ER-3 is a three-in-one product allowing PMPs to deliver a complete mosquito barrier in one treatment. It kills mosquitoes on contact with high efficacy, reducing existing mosquito populations instantly. It provides lasting spatial repellency, keeping mosquitoes away from a treated space. When applied to mosquito breeding areas, such as standing water, ER-3 kills 100% of the existing and newly hatched larvae leaving a residual to further reduce overall mosquito populations for two weeks or more.

ER-3 can be used at  4-8oz per finished gallon dilution and is compatible with multiple equipment types. It helps pest professionals expand service offerings, increase job efficiency and reduce product expenses and call-backs from customers.

ER-3 is a 25b exempt minimum risk product. Its active ingredients include geraniol, cedar oil, Lemongrass oil and sodium lauryl sulfate. Safe around children and pets. Safe for plants, fish and wild animals. It is low odor, low impact and non-staining and does not require spray notification  therefore may be used for residential, commercial, public area, outdoor event and other sensitive environments.

E-3 is available at major pest control distributors and comes with 1 gallon size jug and 26 gallon size barrel. Also available is the 32 oz sample jug for PMP to conduct test run.

PMP and mosquito control professionals are welcome to sign up at to request free sample package.

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Webinar highlight:

  • What every professional needs to know about mosquito biology
  • Mosquito inspections, treatment protocols and education
  • Mosquito source reduction
  • Mosquito reduction inspection report
  • The one product every mosquito professional needs this summer – no spray notifications required!


Anthropodcast hosts Bryan and Scott  interviewed Dennis Judy regarding the launch of ER-3 by EcoRaider as triple-action green mosquito control tool for PMP and municipal mosquito control professionals.

Ready-to-Use Protocol

The Mosquito Reduction Protocol aims to serve as a basic guide for pest professionals when servicing their residential and commercial mosquito control clients. The Protocol includes details on:


·        Conducting a thorough survey of the property

·        Preventing mosquito breeding with source reduction tips

·        Eliminating potential mosquito resting sites

·        Treatment methods including Larvacides and Adulticides

·        Reporting & Communication using the “Mosquito Reduction Inspection Checklist”


The inspection report allows the technician to easily check-off those sites identified during the inspection and note the location on the report. The checklist details potential breeding and resting sites for mosquitoes, allowing the inspector to easily note areas with potential problems. It also allows the user to easily check-off treatment areas noting how the area was treated whether by Larvacide, Adulticide or Cultural.

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