Online Training & CEU Webinars for PMPs


As each state is returning “business as usual,” meetings are still not possible, so webinars remain vital to pest management. EcoRaider started this series in April to help PMPs gain continuing education credits (CEUs). We have held sessions on topics like mosquitoes, perimeter pest control, resistance, Multi-Unit Housing and other topics. To be aware of new upcoming webinars please refer to our list below! 

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– Tues, October 27nd 3 pm EST > Register 

Small flies of all types breed typically in unsanitary conditions and can create an infestation in less than two weeks. This webinar will discuss methods for controlling fruit flies, drain flies, and gnats, and how to prevent a full-fledged infestation. Pest control, sanitation, and cleanliness are all part of a program that helps eliminate and prevent small flies. (CEUs pending in multiple states – to be updated regularly)


  • Sensitive Issues for Healthcare Accounts – Tue, September 22nd 2 pm MT / 4 pm ET ( Credits for CO, FL, GA, NM, TN & TX)
  • Integrated Pest Management for School – Tue, August 27th 2 pm MT / 4 pm ET ( Credits for CO, FL, GA, NM, TN & UT)
  • Developing a Green Pest Management Program – Tue, July 21st 2 pm MT / 4 pm ET ( Credits for CO, FL, GA, NM, TN & UT)
  • How to Handle Multi-Unit Housing – Tue, June 30th 2 pm MT / 4 pm ET ( Credits for CO, FL, GA, NM, TN & UT)
  • Minimum Risk Mosquito Control  – Tue, June 16th ( Repeat webinar with Credits for FL & TX) 
  • Resistance and How to Manage – Tue, June 9th (Credits in CO, FL, GA, NM, UT and TX) 
  • Perimeter Pest Control – Tue, May 19th (Credits in FL, CO, GA, UT, NM, and CO) 
  • Minimum Risk Mosquito Control  – Tue, April 28th ( Credits in CO, NM, GA & TN)

Instructions of how to receive CEU credits from each state will be given during the webinar.

Webinar Hosts


Webinars are presented by Dennis Judy and Ed DeMask. Dennis Judy has spent 18 years as National Technical Manager for Orkin and 17 years as Training Director with Allgood Pest Solutions. He is former chairman of the Georgia Pest Control Association (GPCA) , a GPCA Hall of Fame member and Co-Chairman of GPCA Education Committee and currently serves as technical advisor for EcoRaider. DeMask is a longtime sales and marketing specialist in the pest control industry, having supported companies like Syngenta, FMC and more.