Camps always have all-season popularity. Whether the kids are heading to sleep away or day camp, they are sure to spend night in the cottages, hike in the woods, engage in team sports, climb trees, and swim in lakes and pools. Of course, first aid-kits, pest repellent, poison ivy ointment, and protective outdoor gear are essential for safety.

For indoors, Bed bugs are becoming increasingly prevalent in camps and other youth settings. The concern is not only young people get bitten but also spreading between young members and bring back to home. Transient conditions in a communal place like camp, is ripe for bed bugs infestations

Mosquitoes are the obvious outdoor terror. Young kids get bitten during the day and are swarmed in evening hours and get eaten alive.

It is important that pest control operations are done properly at camps to insure all campers have a healthy and fun adventure.

EcoRaider’s RTU( Ready to Use) or ER-22 (Concentrate) are the ideal tool for bed bugs and other general pest control for the camp setting.

  •    Fast kill and high performance
  •    Kills all stages even eggs and the resistant
  •    Two weeks residual for extended protection
  •    Plant extract active ingredients
  •    Minimum risk and hazard concern
  •    Non-staining water based formula
  •    Fast dissipating natural woody scent
  •    Ideal for camp and lodge setting

EcoRaider ER-3 is designed for the highest mosquito control result with least effort needed, and it is green and eco-friendly.

  •    Triple-action in one spray for total mosquito control
  •    Kills existing mosquito on contact
  •    Kills larvae with extended residual to cut down breeding
  •    Creates mosquito free barrier by spatial repellancy
  •    Water based formula safe for bushes
  •    Pleasant natural citrus scent


“I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for over a decade and seen many different strategies when it comes to pest control. EcoRaider has easily been the most effective product for preventing issues in our lodging units. In my experience, the large corporate pest control companies provide only short-term solutions, which also seems to be a part of their operating strategy. EcoRaider’s products are a much more affordable and consistent alternative without the harsh, dangerous chemicals found in substitute products. I would definitely recommend EcoRaider for use in everything from individual households to large, commercial lodging operations.”

Used EcoRaider since 2018. Since beginning to use Eco Raider we have been able to stop the spread of bug beds. We use the product as a preventative process. Not only does it help deter bed bugs, it helps with so many other bugs.We had used many other methods prior to finding EcoRaider. We had a hard time finding something that worked and was safe to be around. After finding EcoRaider we have not had any issues with bed bugs since. We are very pleased that the smell dissipates very quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue like other products we had tried.

Before finding EcoRaider, we had to refinish some of our facilities due to the products we were trying not accomplishing the task. It was more of reactive maintenance versus the preventative maintenance of our facilities. We love how easy it is to apply and maintain our facilities with this product. I would definitely recommend this product to others. Bed bugs are no fun and can cost companies a lot of money to get rid of. I have recommended this product to so many other camps. The results definitely out way the commitment of the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

EcoRaider is a minimum risk pest control product. Its active ingredients are natural insecticidal compounds extracted from aromatic plants. Formulated with inters that mostly seem in many personal hygiene products, EcoRaider is generally recognized as safe and proven none to minimum skin irritation through product safety lab testing. On the other hand, EcoRaider’s active ingredients only attack a unique neuron receptor in invertebrates and do not affect vertebrates.  Therefore although lethal to target insects, EcoRaider is overall safe to non target humans, animals, birds and fish.

EcoRaider is a 25b minimum risk pest control products, it does not need pre-warning or vacating. It has much less restrictions comparing to standard synthetic pesticides. Therefore EcoRaider is an ideal product to be used in sensitive environment such as school, day care and senor homes.

Depends on the products type ( RUT or concentrate), the product should be spray as is ( for RTU) or dilute with water according to the instruction. In any case, product or product/water mixture should be shake well before and after mixing. Spray immediately after mixing. Read the label and follow the instruction for spraying.

EcoRaider is one of the very few product that can be sprayed directly on mattress. When spray mattress, focus on spraying seam, edge, corner and joins for best performance.

EcoRaider has two weeks residual, which means it will maintain effective even two weeks after sprayed and dried. For active infestation, it is recommended that at least two or three treatments are needed each one week or two weeks apart until no bed bug activity or biting incident is observed.

EcoRaider can be used in almost any type of equipment including pump sprayer, mist blower, backpack sprayer, cold fogger, ULV fogger or sprinkle system. DO NOT use EcoRaider with thermal fogger because heat may break product stability.

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