Camps usually have concern of pests issues both from indoors and outdoors.

For indoor, Bed bugs are becoming increasingly prevalent in camps and other youth settings.The concern is not only young people get bitten but also spreading between young members and bring back to home.

For outdoor, since most of the activities are in the woods and in summer, mosquito is more of a concern than anywhere else.

Young campers might get bitten during the day and eaten alive during the night.

To be able to effectively control both bed bugs and mosquitoes is important for camp administrators.

Use EcoEaider RUT or ER-22 for Bed Bug

EcoRaider’s RTU( Ready to Use) or ER-22 (Concentrate) are the ideal tool for bed bugs and other general pest control for the camp setting.

  •    Fast kill and high performance
  •    Kills all stages even eggs and the resistant
  •    Two weeks residual for extended protection
  •    Plant extract active ingredients
  •    Minimum risk and hazard concern
  •    Non-staining water based formula
  •    Fast dissipating natural woody scent
  •    Ideal for camp and lodge setting

Use ER-3 for Mosquito Reduction and Prevention

EcoRaider ER-3 is designed for the highest mosquito control result with least effort needed, and it is green and eco-friendly.

  •    Triple-action in one spray for total mosquito control
  •    Kills existing mosquito on contact
  •    Kills larvae with extended residual to cut down breeding
  •    Creates mosquito free barrier by spatial repellancy
  •    Water based formula safe for bushes
  •    Pleasant natural citrus scent


“I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for over a decade and seen many different strategies when it comes to pest control. EcoRaider has easily been the most effective product for preventing issues in our lodging units. In my experience, the large corporate pest control companies provide only short-term solutions, which also seems to be a part of their operating strategy. EcoRaider’s products are a much more affordable and consistent alternative without the harsh, dangerous chemicals found in substitute products. I would definitely recommend EcoRaider for use in everything from individual households to large, commercial lodging operations.”

Brett ThrasherAssistant Manager, Ocoee Retreat Center, TN



Frequently Asked Questions

Is EcoRaider for use only around adults?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

Does the unit need to be vacated before treating?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

How should EcoRaider be applied?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

Can EcoRaider be used on mattresses?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.

How long does one application last?

EcoRaider is safe around children, adults and pets.


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