Committed to safe, effective, and green pest control products and technology for professional pest management.

EcoRaider Insect Killer, developed, manufactured and marketed by Reneotech Inc., is a leading brand name for botanical based green pest control products for the professional pest management industry.

EcoRaider products are built on solid science and sound research. Since the first EcoRaider prototype formula was created in 2008, it has gone through hundreds of formula trials in our own lab, and numerous efficacy tests by independent labs on different household insects, especially on bed bugs.

Reneotech, Inc.has for years been an important part of the natural ingredient and formulation supply chain. Building on that wealth of experience, our R&D and production teams have extensive access to botanical raw materials, formulation know-how, and processing technology.  That experience has given us an ability unmatched in the industry to produce active ingredients with the highest possible potency from natural sources, and to produce synergistic delivery systems to boost the effectiveness of the actives.

EcoRaider Professional is an evolving product line that is committed, above all to efficacy in the treatment of insect pests, and to green, environmentally friendly products.  It is built upon the ongoing efforts of our team of top tier entomologists, phytochemists, molecular biochemists, and pest control professionals with over 30 years experience in the industry.  We are committed to our belief in the “power of green” – the development of environmentally friendly, sustainable products for pest management professionals.