Blog: “Have a Bed Bug Plan Before You Have a Bed Bug Outbreak”

Interviewing with the Glens Falls Housing Authority on how to fight bed bugs.


Interview by PCT: What Professionals Say.

“I gave it to several of our technicians to use and their feedback was, ‘We want more of this stuff,’…”


EcoRaider Scores in Field Study!

USDA IR4 Public Health Pesticide Program compared products for eliminating bed bugs through field study.

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Lethal Weapon for Bed Bugs

Fast & sure kill with extended; residual and minimum risk product for all environments. 

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Go Green Effectively for Professionals!

EcoRaider is recommended by pest management professionals over the country.

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EcoRaider is Versatile!

Introducing effective and green ants perimeter control application with fast kill and extended prevention.

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” We were using conventional chemical products – we tried many things and none were getting it under control and we were treating every two weeks. Once we started using EcoRaider we saw a difference immediately…I’d say within a few weeks we saw a drastic reduction in the bed bug population. We haven’t seen a bed bug in the shelter itself in months – at this point we are spot treating every two weeks with EcoRaider and it’s working incredibly.”

— Michele Cruzat, Bed Bug Operations Manager, Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, Seattle 

” We use EcoRaider as part of our heat treatment services for bed bugs. We spray EcoRaider before applying heat to immediately knock down the bed bug populations…EcoRaider has helped us increase our percent control and reduce our bed bug callbacks.”

— Bill Hastings, Director of Special Services, Rose Pest Solutions, Chicago

” My company has used EcoRaider on over 500 bed bug jobs. EcoRaider is the best product that we have used and has an excellent kill rate on the first application. It has cut down on the amount of call back requests that we receive. “

— Larry Patrick, Good Earth Termite and Pest Control Co., Inc, Memphis